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          Contact us

          As a global leader in the manufacture of equipment and systems for advanced manufacturing processes, Amada Miyachi serves customers worldwide. Contact your local regional manager or sales rep today!

          Contact Us

          Amada Miyachi QA/Field Service

          If this is an emergency and you require immediate service for your Amada Miyachi Equipment, please call our 24/7 repair/service team at 1-866-751-7378. You may also contact178平台彩票app下载 via email at service@

          Amada Miyachi’s equipment is built to last; our welders are known to run 20 or 30 years - or even longer! But even the most sophisticated, robust machinery needs service now and then to keep it in top performance condition. Did you know that many problems can be avoided by establishing an annual service program? Amada Miyachi’s Annual Service Packages provide proactive support to help prevent production downtime. And if failures do occur, we provide the required level of response to meet the needs of your business—whenever and wherever you need it. Amada Miyachi's QA/Service network extends around the world so that, regardless of location, our customers can be comfortable being partnered with a responsive, worldwide leader.

          Laser "Total Care" Service contracts cover:

          Package Description Availability
          Laser "Total Care" Includes on-site regular, scheduled replacement of flashlamps, optics check, replacement of filters, verification of safety interlock function and laser power verification. Review of laser safety procedures and ongoing refresher training is also included. Extends existing warranty for one year. North America Only

          Our Resistance Welding Service Care Packages - basic to premium - offer an increasing number of services and benefits. Choose the one that best fits your business! Most important, every time you purchase or renew a premium care service package, it may extend the warranty for one year* - ad infinitum!

          Package Description Availability
          Mechanical Weldhead Package* All work done at Amada Miyachi factory. Includes a 10% discount on accessories and consumables for one year. Extends existing warranty for one year. ** Worldwide
          Silver Includes one inspection, preventive maintenance service and recalibration at the Amada Miyachi factory. 10% discount on accessories, consumables, and required repairs within one year of service. Worldwide
          Gold* Includes everything in the Silver package, plus a one-year extension of the unit’s warranty. ** North America Only
          Platinum "Total Care"* Includes everything in the Gold Package. Onsite work vs. at Amada Miyachi factory. Includes next day dispatch of parts or a field service engineer in a line-down situation. Extends existing warranty for one year. ** North America Only

          **Warranty coverage excludes such wear items and consumables as electrodes, flexures, and holders damaged by excessive torque

          For more information or assistance, please complete the following form and someone will contact you shortly.