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          65 Years and Counting...

          Amada Miyachi has its roots in a business specifically created to weld dental braces using basic resistance welding equipment, way back in 1948. Today, we are the world's leading supplier of equipment and systems for resistance welding, laser welding, laser marking, laser cutting, hermetic sealing, and hot bar reflow soldering!


          Our Brands

          Amada Miyachi has proudly designed and manufactured its products for the global market for more than 60 years and also sells, distributes, services and supports the sales of the other, Miyachi group branded products: Miyachi, Miyachi Peco and Miyachi Eapro. You will find that the product section of our website has been designed to reflect the different product lines so that you may see the large number of brands and products that we offer, ensuring you get exactly the solution you need for your specific application!


          Miyachi Unitek products are manufactured by Amada Miyachi in Monrovia, CA and include the UB29 and DC29 linear dc inverter welders, the industry-leading HF27 high frequency inverter welder, the ADP series capacitive discharge welder family, the ADAM advanced weld control, the complete line of Thinline weld heads, and more. Amada Miyachi (MAC), now a wholly owned subsidiary of Miyachi Corporation (MHC), was founded as the Weldmatic Division of Unitek Corporation in 1948.


          Miyachi Corporation was established as Miyachi Electronics Co., Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan in 1972, merged with Miyachi Laser System Co Ltd. in 1990 and acquired Unitek Equipment Corporation in 1994, merging it with Amada Miyachi to form Unitek Miyachi Corporation, renamed Amada Miyachi Corporation in 2005. Miyachi is well known for the development and sale of the world's first digital weld monitor checker in 1973. Miyachi products are manufactured in Japan and include the MM-315A portable weld checker, the IPB5000A inverter weld control and the popular A Series Nd:YAG laser welders.

          MIYACHI PECO

          One of the global brands offered by Amada Miyachi, Miyachi Peco products are manufactured in Puchheim, Germany and include the AWS3 active welding system, MG3 weld monitor, ISQ inverter weld control and MFP resistance spot welding heads. Peco was founded in 1908 in Passing, Germany, was acquired by Amada Miyachi (then Unitek Miyachi Corporation) from Messer Griesheim in 2000, and merged with Miyachi Technos Europe GmbH in 2005 to form Miyachi Europe Corporation.


          Miyachi Eapro is one of the global brands offered by Amada Miyachi. Founded in The Netherlands as Weld Equip BV, the company was acquired by Amada Miyachi (then Unitek Miyachi) in 1995 and renamed Unitek Eapro. This organization merged with Miyachi Europe Corporation in 2008 to form the company that exists today. Miyachi EAPRO products are manufactured in Helmond, The Netherlands, and include the newHorizon reflow soldering and bonding systems and the Emerald series LCD repair stations.